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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bit by Bit, Infusing Pergola into the Olde Fort Pub

Date night last Friday was on the back deck at the Olde Fort Pub. I was going to write about it last Saturday, but I was distracted by that bright glowing orb hanging in the sky. Priorities.

Last November, I had written about some of the Pub's changes and coming changes. Well, the coming changes are here and they are family friendly and functional.

"I just don't know if people realize we've built this really nice deck area in the back," said Danny Krebs, formerly of Pergola, who now runs the kitchen at the Pub. "It's a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the food and drinks."

The seating area extends off the family friendly non-smoking part of the premises and allows a little more distance from where bands and DJs set up at night. It's open year round, equipped with heaters in the winter and umbrellas in the summer.

Additionally, The Pub is planning on capitalizing on the new deck area to keep momentum moving forward.

"We are definitely looking to expand but we are still discussing in what way, whether it be with a larger deck, or a new room," said Michael Arnzen, whose family owns The Pub. "(The plans) are to add more improvements soon to keep the place exciting and fresh."

They are also looking to add acoustic musicians to give it the "Pergola dinner music" feel as well.

"Nothing overwhelming," said Krebs. "No microphones or speakers. Just music to enjoy while we serve you."

Also, if you go...

  • Trivia nights on Tuesday and Wednesdays at 9 pm with $5 pizzas and other revolving drink specials
  • Karaoke on Thursday nights at 10pm.

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