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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fort Thomas Mid Week Links

Over the weather. I'm sure the Renaissance Committee is too. Spruce up for Spring has been scheduled 3 times thus far and, to my knowledge, has yet to be held. Maybe a Stay Spruced during Summer would be more viable.

- Former Fort Thomas Police Officer, Thomas G. Fritz, 59, of Goshen, was killed last week after being thrown from his motorcycle in Waverly, Ohio.

- If you've been down Route 8, you've noticed the damage to the road caused by the massive amount of rain we've had over the last few months. If it gets much worse, I don't see how this road would be passable.

- The city of Fort Thomas has put out to bid the 14 historic officers' homes in Tower Park. The large houses have sat vacant for about 10 years while the city and federal government worked through red tape. City leaders hope developers come forward willing to pay $1.6 million for all 14 homes and rehab them.

- The Nky Rivermonsters are 10-2 and have their final regular season home game this weekend. The picture (above) the photographer took of Jared Lorenzen is great. Nothing else I can say about that.

- At about 4:30 yesterday at my polling location (Johnson Elementary) I was the 48th registered voter in my party to vote. Obviously it's just a primary and granted it was probably right before the after work voting rush, but 48 people all day is pretty darn pathetic.

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