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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fort Thomas News - Midweek Update

1. Dale Mueller hosted an online chat at today - part of a series this week featuring local high school football coaches at the powerhouse schools around the area.  Here are a few of the points discussed during the chat:

  • He expects more guys from this team to give Division I commitments
  • Discussed the tough schedule this year including Boyle Co, Elder at the Pit, and Ryle
  • Addressed questions about recruiting players
  • More or less indicated that Simon Kenton will not play Highlands.  In response to a question about whey Highlands hasn't played Simon Kenton said, 'we'll play anyone that says yes'
  • The game against Dixie on September 1st will be on Fox Sports

2. The US Census released demographic data today for Kentucky towns and cities.  There is an absolute treasure trove of information in this data that I plan to do a post on in the coming week.  I'll give you a slight teaser - despite the median age going up slightly the age group of 35 - 54 increased by 4% of the total population while those in their 70's decreased by 1.1% of the total population.  That is a percentage of the total population not a percentage increase.

3. Highlands Drama Department received 9 Cappies nominations - 7 of which were for their recent production of Chicago.  For more information about the Cappies program see my previous post from last year's nominations.

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