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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hey, "Chicken" People, Click Here

We've found the University of Kentucky, "Big Blue Nation" effect for website clicks: talk about backyard chickens.

After our story entitled, "Chicken Story" became one of the most read stories on the site, which really didn't shed any new or groundbreaking information and after the blog poll received more than double the amount of votes any other poll got, we now know the power of the chicken is great.

I say all of this in jest, but it is pretty interesting how a story can garner the type of feedback this story has gotten. I purposely didn't add anything about the chickens after summarizing my city council notes on 4/4/11 because I thought it was ridiculous. It just goes to show you what you think is newsworthy and what isn't really doesn't matter.

I guess I should just throw everything up on the site from now and just to see what sticks.

After the council meeting on Monday, the Law, Labor and License Committee had recommended that the city allow residents to keep chickens with the same restrictions (obtaining a license, keeping chicken at least 50 feet away from other residents’ houses, in sanitary conditions and where they can not run at large) but changing the amount of chickens from 100 to 10.

The council will vote on this ordinance at a later date.

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