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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NKy River Monsters Violate League Salary Cap Policy

The Northern Kentucky River Monsters had wrapped up the number 1 seed in the UIFL playoffs after dominating the competition this season, but after leading an internal investigation into the team's inner workings, it was determined that the team had gone over the league's salary cap policies.

The result being dropped from that number 1 overall seed to number 4, which basically means losing one home playoff game and possibly more.

The Ultimate Indoor Football League (UIFL) is announcing sanctions against two teams, Saginaw Sting and Northern Kentucky River Monsters.

The most extensive of the sanctions, however, were levied against the Northern Kentucky River Monsters. In games throughout the season, it was determined that the River Monsters went over the weekly player salary cap.

Since the league policy didn’t extensively spell out the sanctions for the violations, the UIFL didn’t require a forfeiture of any games.

Instead, the River Monsters – despite securing the best record in the regular season – will be the fourth seed in the upcoming Ultimate Indoor Football League playoffs, and will travel to Saginaw on June 3 for the first round. The sanctions cost Northern Kentucky at least one home playoff game.

Additionally, NKY Ownership will be fined an undisclosed amount for the league violations and placed on probation. Terms of the probation are undisclosed. “It’s important that teams follow the league rules that are put in place to ensure a level playing field,” said UIFL co-founder Michael Taylor. “Teams who break the rules will be penalized.”

Eastern Kentucky becomes the biggest benefactor, and will host a first round game. The Drillers, who are unbeaten at home, have struggled mightily on the road. They will host either Huntington or Johnstown.
In a separate case, the league determined the Sting violated the league rules regarding rosters. Under league rules, rosters are locked following the 11th week of season. Once rosters are locked, only players that have participated in the first 11 weeks are eligible for the rest of the season.

It was determined that the Sting used a player in their 63-58 week 12 victory over Northern Kentucky. For that violation, the Sting organization will be fined an undisclosed amount and three players have been ruled in ineligible for the remainder of the 2011 season.

“We have put in place some addition measures to ensure that the above infractions do not happen again.” said Taylor. “Any future violations regarding salary cap or roster violations will result in an automatic forfeit, and significant fine.”

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