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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Send the Police Your Contact Information... Wait, What?

Nixle was nixed because they dropped a $3,000 invoice without notice to the FTPD. Good for them. The first alternative out of the gate is get a list of interested citizens on a distribution list to see how many people would like to be informed via these new technological information blasts. From there, the police department will figure out how best to copy Nixle's format.

Here's their message:

The Fort Thomas Police Department would like to take this opportunity to invite you to send us your email address so that you can stay in the loop of communication during our move from Nixle to a new system.

Although one of the appealing benefits of Nixle is that no one (including the police) are privy to your contact information, it has somewhat tied our hands in successfully moving to a new service and not leaving anyone behind. The account representative for Nixle has not returned our calls and thus we are left not knowing how many people they service from Fort Thomas. How much research and work we put into developing a new system now resides with our current subscribers. Let us know that you are interested in (receiving) notices, alerts and tips by sending your email to Your email address will not be sold or distributed to anyone for any other purpose. Our first move is to simply develop a group-based distribution list that allows us to keep our current Nixle subscribers "in-the-loop" and for which, if any, system we choose to move to.

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