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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fort Thomas Broadcaster Needs Your Vote

Keeping in line with my theme for the day, one of the blogs I admire and try to emulate in style is It was started by University of Kentucky fans, Matt Jones and one of my buddies, Rob Gidel around the middle of this decade. Who knows how they did it, but they built that lowly blog into a journalistic juggernaut: the go to place for Kentucky sports news, a daily TV show on CN2 and one of the most downloaded sports podcasts in the world.

Our IP addresses have no doubt crossed, as we've had KSR contributors Mark Krebs and Chris "Tomlin" on our site as well. Now local broadcaster and friend of the blog, Will Chambers, is vying to become Matt Jones cohort on his daily TV show, KSTV.

Chambers has made it through the first round of an American Idol style competition and now he needs your help. I'll let him take it from here:


Last Saturday I participated in a contest to become co-host of a television show syndicated throughout the state of Kentucky. It's called Kentucky Sports Television, or KSTV. It stems from the enormously popular University of Kentucky fan website The site's creator and co-moderator is Matt Jones, the host of KSTV. Hi site is the place UK fans go to for humorous and the most up to date information on the 'Cats. Jones himself wrote for due to his meteoric rise in covering college basketball.

The creators, hosts and producers of the show held an "American Idol" type audition in both Lexington and Louisville for the co-hosting job, and I have emerged as one of the front runners (according to Matt via his radio show in Louisville and among others involved).

After getting through the first round of the audition, the next element of this contest is a fan vote. This is where you come in and again ask for your help. The link to vote is right here: and click on the "Louisville Casting Call" on the right under "Do You Have The Jones Factor" headline.

One part of this equation to vote however is having an account on Facebook. This is unfortunate I feel because not everyone I know is on there, but it's their show. You'll need to log in to vote. From there you can scroll down and find my audition and the option to vote. Voting opened today and will continue until next Friday and you can only vote once, hence the Facebook log-in.

Please vote if you can and pass this on to as MANY people you can! The public vote is just a part of the next round, but certainly something they will look closely at because they want someone everyone wants, obviously! Any publicity in getting people to vote would be enormously helpful.

I can't thank you enough for your support not just today, but over the last several years as I have worked to advance in the profession I love so very much. It means the world to me, and this opportunity could open up a lot of doors. Your help can get me there!

My best


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