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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fort Thomas Mid-week News Update

It has been a busy few weeks in the Murriner house and I have been a bit behind on updates.  In addition to what Mark posted yesterday there is lots of news to get to so here we go:

1. The city has released their Street and Sidewalk program for 2011 and if you live on Azalea Terrace, Brittany Lane, Budde Court, Burnet Ridge, Devon Lane, Elmwood Place, Jennifer Court, East Kimberly Drive, West Kimberly Drive, Overlook Drive, or Patricia Court then get ready to receive a bill in the mail for your share of the resurfacing and sidewalk work.

2. If you received your recent Fort Thomas Schools update in the mail you may have missed a small item on the back of the mailer.  The schools is now offering iCal school calendar integration.  For those of you using iCal or compatible calendaring program it is a great way to keep up to date with important school dates.

3. I posted an update on our Facebook page (Like Us Here) about another Highlands football player going to UK - this time it is the WR Sheehan who will be a preferred walk-on at UK next year - Go Cats!


  1. Wow. So I can someday expect a bill for improvements to our street/sidewalk? Out of curiosity, how much do these bills typically cost?

  2. The city splits the cost with you. There is a per square foot rate based on the amount of street front property you have. It can get very expensive if you live on a corner.

  3. I may be wrong on this, but didn't I read a year or so ago that the city was diverting/using funds it had collected for street maintenance for the updating it's doing to the city parks such as Rossford Park?