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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ft. Thomas Hot Links

As we skip another spring and transition from a record breaking rain fall last month, to having to break the sprinklers out in early June, lots of progress are being made at the city's parks. I plan on posting a "photo story" on the new structures around town next week.

In other news:

- There is going to be a concert at Tower Park this Friday. I think. At some point, I believe we posted a schedule for the city's concerts, but the only confirmation I can find currently is a hand written poster board near the water tower.

- I've seen the yellow flags, denoting the Midway business district. The blue flags are flying to street lights as well. But I haven't been able to track down a red flag in the Inverness business district. Anyone seen one?

- The Nky Rivermonsters ended their season with a first round loss in the UIFL playoffs. After finishing the regular season with a league best 11-3 record, the Rivermonsters were penalized for going over the salary cap, losing their no. 1 overall seed and home playoff game(s).

The front office did not agree with the league's ruling and subsequently are leaving the league and hoping to join another organization.

The team will continue to play in the Bank of Kentucky Center next year, so don't toss your Lorenzen apparel in the Goodwill pile just yet. But definitely a disappointing end to their inaugural season.

- The St. Catherine festival is this Saturday. Always a good time. Come on up, and have a drink with me and let me know if you've got any story ideas for the website.

-Not a Fort Thomas note, but the Italianfest is back on the banks of Newport this weekend.
ItalianFest was named as a top 20 event by the Southern Tourism Society. In addition to the regular Italian fare and games, the first "Ms. Newport ItalianFest" 2011 will be named. Not sure if you have to be Italian to be in the running. Last year, the event hosted over 100,000 visitors during the weekend.


  1. The schedule is a bit difficult to find, but it is on the city's website. Here's a direct link for it:

  2. How about that luck? Doesn't rain for a few weeks, then that downpour last night.

    Poor Renaissance Committee. They try so hard and have had nothing but bad luck.

    Keep it up Debbie.