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Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Mainstream" Local Media Trying to Evolve?

A few truths about my beliefs of a new media have become quite evidently over the last month or so.

Number 1: has become more keen to that fact that we (and other blogs/websites) are their competitors. A few weeks back, as soon as Fort Thomas Matters published a post, it was linked on the Fort Thomas/Campbell County page of cincinnati/ We are still linked on their page, however we are now relegated to a side link along the page's right edge.

Number 2: Campbell County Connects - the Community Recorder's version of a blog is now the main focus on the above mentioned page. It's basically the Recorder published online in order to compete with the instantaneous 24/7 news/cycle that we live in that make websites like ours so popular.

Number 3: The Enquirer's revenue based on online advertisements are becoming more prominent. If you've ever tried clicking on an Enquirer article, you've no doubt had the screen move on you. It's annoying, but it's obvious what they are selling their clients. Their ads are a lot more "in your face" than ours, but it's my belief that they are more efficient and functional that traditional "hard copy" ads of the past.

I can't even tell you how many people have asked me about Cipher, Birkley or the YMCA deals we've advertised.

Number 4: Some of the local media writers have declared social media war by defriending me on Facebook. How rude. Of course, I'm kidding about this last point but it's obvious our jabs at our local media cohorts have had an effect, albeit probably a small one, on how they are deciding to deliver the news.

At the end of the day, however, their old model of delivering a hard copy of small town news to your door is still flawed. There will probably always be a place for a newspaper covering a city the size of the entire Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region because of the breadth of politics, sports and general goings on. But the fact of the matter is the cost of printing newspapers with "forced" news stories accompanying mainly ignored ads is just not viable.

When was the last time you opened a Recorder, Living, Inside publication and got timely, important information that you couldn't have gotten online 5-30 days earlier?

This is by no means a jihad on printed publications. I am a Journalism major and love the charming qualities of folding the paper on the back porch with my coffee. I'm just trying to make an observation as a local "fake journalist."

You're almost their local mainstream media. Keep tweaking.

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