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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Return from Vacation News & Notes

I just got back from vacation in Colorado; lugging three kids ages three and under up Pikes Peak, around Garden of the Gods, and all across Denver was quite the adventure but it is back to work.  To the news:

1. Signs have popped up around town indicating that hydrants will be flushed this week.  If you have questions about which hydrants and when contact the city.

2. The weather continues to wreak havoc on local Fort Thomas events as the YMCA decided to postpone their bike race this weekend.  From the Y: The Campbell County YMCA World Famous Mountain Bike Race has been posted until Sun, 6.26 due to the recent weather.  The race will occur at the same times and same place. 

3. Maybe this isn't new news but my first trip into the Newport Pavilion Kroger since before vacation had me completely befuddled as the isles have been re-arranged.  I like to think I can handle change but it is amazing how a few changes at the local grocery can have the impact it does.  I have to admit though the old layout didn't make a lot of sense and the new arrangement seems much more intuitive.

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