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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

105 Receive Farm Subsidies in Fort Thomas

From time to time I get emails from residents regarding issues they'd like some resolution or explanation to. I was sent a link about a week ago which piqued my interest enough to post on. Apparently 105 residents -or in some instances corporations- have or are receiving farm subsidies in Fort Thomas. Most for tobacco and/or corn.

Granted, the majority that receive these benefits are often getting less than $200, but 25 are receiving more than $1000 and some are receiving close to $10,000.

The US Department of Agriculture has created subsidy programs to help family farms and small agricultural businesses flourish. At the same time, these programs also help the environment by giving the land a break and letting it restore itself. In essence, the program pays you rental money and other incentives NOT to farm your land.

Full disclosure: I knew close to nothing about farm subsidies before receiving this email, nor do I now. I didn't look through the database thoroughly, so I don't know if the 105 people or corporations actually live in Fort Thomas, or are just providing a Fort Thomas address to receive subsidies. I have no idea how difficult it is to claim subsidies. More than anything, I just thought the fact that the government is paying people in Fort Thomas to not farm is pretty interesting- even though a number of years back, Fort Thomas had plenty of farm land.

I actually had a link to the US Federal Farm Subsidy database, which you can search by zip code. But seeing as though I don't know the ins and outs of how exactly to receive these funds, I thought it may not be a good idea to put the site in this particular web space. Instead, if you're curious enough, I'm sure you can find it.

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  1. Most of the subsidy payments that I see in my tax practice are instances where the taxpayer/subsidy recipient has a Fort Thomas address, but the land to which the subsidy relates is located elsewhere. I would be surprised if there were subsidies being paid not to farm property within Fort Thomas.
    As part of a settlement with Big Tobacco several years ago, a fund was established to pay small producers of tobacco to give up their rights to grow tobacco. These "Tobacco Transition Payments" are administered by the USDA and paid out over 10 years. Most are fairly small, in the hundreds of dollars per year per recipient.