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Monday, July 4, 2011

Add Rain to 4th of July Tradition

Doesn't it seem like it rains EVERY 4th of July. Pretty frustrating. The streets are still lined with residents, but instead of sparklers they are armed with umbrellas. A few notes on our nation's birthday.

-Fort Thomas firefighters battled a 3-alarm house fire Sunday night that was caused by fireworks.Crews responded to Villagrande Boulevard just before 10 p.m.

The homeowner told crews that someone had fired fireworks through the window and ignited the house. Everyone in the house was able to make it out okay. The fire was mostly contained to an upstairs bedroom in the home. The home also suffered some smoke damaged in the hallway and water damage on the first floor.

The Fort Thomas Police Department is investigating the case.

- It's obviously raining on the parade today. Ha. Just realized that's the first time I've written that in literal terms. Here's a picture from our live correspondent, Will Chambers.

Isn't it ironic?

- The 5th annual Olde Fort Pub hot dog eating contest is at 2:30 today as I watch Joey Chestnut compete at Coney Island in New York. No cost to spectate, nor participate. I will continue to honor my retirement after two consecutive third place finishes in 2007 and 2008. Mostly because my bride is enforcing said retirement. She obviously hasn't heard the phrase: behind every good man is his wife rolling her eyes.

Here's the top 10 rules for enjoying the competition, written last year.

- And finally, a little amateur footage filmed from the Fourth at the Fort on Saturday. Pretty impressive fireworks display.


  1. Does that creepy dude in the video live in fort thomas?

  2. I may be splitting hairs, but you referred to the fireworks as Fourth at the Fort. The annual event called Fourth at the Fort ended in 2010, having accomplished its goal to build a new amphitheatre. What took place July 2, 2011 at Tower Park was the City's Independence Day event and car show.

  3. Yeah, you're right. It's splitting hairs. Just kidding, thanks for the clarification.

  4. Can we get a story on why the Pub kitchen closed? Seemed to picking up steam.

  5. What happened to the Pub kitchen. It was quite good and affordable. Went there other day and was told the people running it up and quit.