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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Case for Public Art

I read a recent article on Soapbox Media the past couple weeks about a group in Cincinnati that works with art students in the area to product public murals on buildings, walls, or other structures to provide some color and life to otherwise dreary surroundings.

The program has created 34 murals in 25 neighborhoods in 4 years.  Only recently have they begun to accept opportunities in Northern Kentucky.  The pictures at the beginning of this post provides a quick glimpse of some of the work they have performed in Downtown and O'bryonville.

The benefits of public art are numerous - it can help define a community's public identity, can create a more welcoming & beautiful environment, and it can express a positive sense of identity and values.  While public art doesn't have to be a mural - this program and the success that they have had is the most readily available.  Statues, sculptures, etc can be costly and require a commissioning.

So with all that being said, why does Fort Thomas have so little public art?  I couldn't think of a single example of public art available in Fort Thomas - can anyone else?

I volunteer Fort Thomas Matters readers to come up with suggestions for a location, theme, and context for a mural.  If good ideas are presented I am happy to submit the application to the Mural Works program with the approval of the land owner.  Use the comments section below to describe where you would like to see murals around town, good location candidates, themes, and colors.


  1. The statues at the corner of Highland and Grande.

  2. The back of the 915 building where is says "Enslens"

  3. Why have artist from outside the city do this?! We have AMAZING artist right here in Ft. Thomas! My son Brian Kremer does beautiful murals.
    The mural of my family is still up in the old Ciani's location. 111 N Ft. Thomas Ave.
    I think this is a great idea! I love when I see an unexpected mural! Makes me just stop and take it in.
    Please don't let this idea fall to the side.

  4. The new midddle school gym has 5 brick panels on its west side that are made for murals...if the school board would support this idea.