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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Independence Day

This picture was shared on the Fort Thomas Matters Facebook page by Chris Stegner of Bluegrass Photography.  A great shot capturing the quintessential moment of summer in Fort Thomas.


  1. Great shot...Great Website....Good job Mark and Darrin


  3. The fireworks were great as they always are at The Fort. I wish the parade would have been the same day as the festival only because we had plans on Monday.
    I have to ask if anyone else was a little disappointed with the festival? Where were the rides, the games, and the all around 4th at the Fort feel? I did enjoy the music and being able to drink beer freely and not in the mess hall. The 3 inflatables were crammed together in one spot which then caused mass confusion with the lines. I did stand in line for a $10 wrist band only for my child bouncing around each inflatable one time each. (waste of money on my part) There were not any rules or anyone making some of the "rough" children settle down. My child is 8 and got injured due to some unruly children on the Princess inflatable. With such a small gathering of vendors, the lines were so long I felt like I was at Kings Island standing in line for the new coaster. I have to say though that 15 minutes in line for a Kona Ice was worth the smile on my childs face.

    I love the 4th at the Fort and I am happy to spend my hard earned dollars there knowing it was going to the city that I love to live in. I hope next year won't be a repeat of this year and bring back the games and a few rides for the kids.