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Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Pergola" Out at Olde Fort Pub

After handing out hundreds of flyers to promote their menu at the Fourth of the July parade and settling into a "food groove", Danny Krebs -formerly of Pergola- is leaving the Olde Fort Pub.

It was a pretty abrupt split, and surprising considering the good feedback it seemed the changes to the menu had gotten, nonetheless it seems as if we'll have to get our hummus fix elsewhere for the time being.

"It was just one of those things that wasn't going to work going forward," Krebs said. "I want to thank the city of Fort Thomas and the Arnzen's for their support. We've really been making strides with our effort here. Unfortunately, sometimes things don't work out."

"We had big plans for the outdoor seating, changing some of the layout outside to make it not just a bar with great food, but a place where families could come to eat as well," Krebs said.

It looks as though now, those plans may be put on hold.

"We'll probably take a short break on food service," said Mike Arnzen, whose family owns the Olde Fort Pub. "It wouldn't be fair to the Krebs to start back up right away. Hopefully we'll be able to get it going again soon."

Pretty disappointing, but I have no doubt all parties involved will be just fine.


  1. Nice fluff piece...

  2. Dear Mr. Collier,

    I question your decision to print the news as you see fit. You railed several times on this blog about Rick Warner and his family and the Pergola debacle, and rightfully so I might add. However you say nary a word about this situation, your picking and choosing what's fit for our consumption. It undermines any journalistic integrity you have as an objective writer. I'm aware you won't allow this post, but you'll at least have to read it. I give you a big thumbs down sir and Fort Thomas Matters will be deleted from my favorites list. That's a shame cause it's made great strides and has provided me with tons of useful local information. I'll be back when you grow some stones and post objectively no matter the circumstances. So many times in our society people shy away from the printing the truth, for the fear of blowback . I had not figured you to be one of those people Mr. Collier.



  3. Darn shame.... now we can't sit outside and have a drink, because they don't serve food anymore.