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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anyone Else Excited About Football?

With this weekend's win over Boyle County it reminded me of how extremely excited I am about this year's high school football season.  I wanted to hit a couple highlights of what I look forward to this year for Highlands Football:

1. Patrick Towles as the future at UK quarterback - being a UK alum and a huge fan it will be fun to watch a future UK star.  I wasn't a Fort Thomas resident when Jared was the starting QB for the Bluebirds but I am sure it was fun.  I saw a couple games last year and Patrick was exciting to watch.

2. My wife's first Highland's football experience - somehow we have lived here seven years and she has yet to go to a Highlands game.  I am not sure how that happened but I refuse to let another season go by without her experiencing the fun.

3. How high the team can climb on national rankings - Highlands has started the season with a MaxPrep preseason ranking of 29.  With the amount of future Division I talent on this team and the drop to 4A stringing wins together should drive them up the rankings with a possible Top 10 finish again.

4. Big match up with Elder later this year - October 21st is the big match-up at the Pit.  If you get a chance to go watch - the Pit is truly a great place to watch a high school football game.

5. Patrick Towles vs Zeke Pike on September 1st here in Fort Thomas.  The battle of future SEC quarterbacks promises to bring all the area's sports media and it very well could live up to the hype.  Jody Demling of the Courier Journal wrote a great story on the duo if you are interested in more.

The full Blue Birds schedule is listed here - find your favorite expectation.

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  1. I was shocked there wasn't any comments on this yet!

    I am so excited for the Birds this year! I can't wait to see them in action since I missed the Boyel game. My son played for the 3pete his senior year and it's great seeing all the boys playing hard again and adding new college prospects to the team!