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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fort Thomas News to Start Your Week

1. Thankfully, after much discussion Campbell County is changing their siren policy.  Now the sirens will only sound during an actual Tornado Warning.  There are some caveats since the real purpose of the weather sirens is to alert those in the outdoors - they reserve the right to also sound the sirens when other significant emergencies occur.  I truly believe eliminating this ambiguity has the potential to save lives during an actual weather emergency.

2. I have been critical in the past about the length of time it took to get the amphitheater up and operational and about the lack of programming but I have to give some major props to the lineup the city has secured for the rest of the summer.  They have something planned every week through the middle of September and have a good mix of days on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights so there are really no excuses.  The lineup includes theater, music, and the Navy Band.  Lets turn out and make these events worthwhile for the city to continue to find good programming:

Thursday, August 11 at 7:00 will be the Green Hills Big Dance Band. 
Tuesday, August 16 at 8:00 is "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
Friday, August 19 at 7:30 is the Back to School Bash.
Thursday, August 25 at 7:00 is the Green Hills Concert Band.
Thursday, September 1 at 7:00 is the Navy Band, "The Cruisers."
Thursday, September 8 at 7:00 is the P&G Jazz Band.
Tuesday, September 13 at 7:00 is the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra.

3. Reminder on Facebook likes.  We just need 12 more to get to 250.  Some of the things that you have missed over the past month by not being a fan of Fort Thomas Matters on Facebook includes:

  • A conversation on gas stations in Fort Thomas
  • Link to video of the capture of an ex-UofL football player for breaking into Fort Thomas homes

Please share FTM's Facebook page with your friends, once we get to 250 we will give away a gift certificate to one of our fans.


  1. That is not a real picture of the amphitheater! Too bad, it looks so nice. I to am dissappointed by the progress, I walk by there with my kid a couple of times a week, wish they would have done more to "finish" the project.

  2. The picture is from a post I wrote before they built the new amphitheater. Surprising how similar it is huh?

  3. Hey Darrin,

    It wouldn't hurt to include a link to the Facebook page when you're talking about the Facebook page.


  4. Oops. Here is the link