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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fort Thomas News to Start Your Week

A few observations to start the week before a long Labor Day weekend:
1. Has anyone noticed that the Sears Hardware store next to Remke is on the way out of business?  Can't say I am all that surprised and with a Lowes or Home Depot on every corner it had to happen sooner or later.  Let us know if you have found a good deal in their liquidation sale....

2. Another reason why I love living in Fort Thomas is the random blimp sightings.  Just a few weekends ago it was the DirectTV blimp and over the weekend it was the one and only Goodyear blimp.  The proximity to Lunken (apparently a refueling stop for blimps) seems to bring a few more sightings than normal.

3. I know I may be the only one who reads it but did anyone happen to notice the following on the front page of the "What's Happening in Campbell County" newsletter that gets mailed every 6 months?  The front page had a Q&A about the new weather siren policy and one of the questions said - "What about an impending enemy attack?"  Really?  Really?!

4. I mentioned the Fort Thomas Matters Facebook page and our quest to get to 250 fans in a previous post. Once we got to 250 someone would win a $25 gift certificate to an area establishment.  Eric Haiss was the winner of 6 lattes from Starbucks or 12 drip coffees - pick your poison.


  1. That Sears had become a very nice store with helpful sales staff. We will miss them.

  2. Sears Hardware:
    Was down there on Sunday.. Not much in the way of deals.. 15% off on appliances, but I'm pretty sure you could beat that deal if you shopped around.

    They have a lot of front-load washer/dryer combos.. At some point, there may be very good deals on those, because of how many they have... but, not yet.