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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fort Thomas Themed Posters for Sale

Local artist, Chris Smith, has put together a couple of great collages  featuring Fort Thomas and Highlands football.  The posters sell for $20 and some portion of the proceeds have been donated to the Johnson Hullabaloo and the Ladies Luncheon at the Swim Club.  They make a great, unique gift as we are getting closer to the holiday season.  You can buy the posters by visiting Chris' Facebook page (which is interestingly only available after she accepts your friend invitation) or by emailing Chris directly at

Chris calls the photo collages About a Life Collages:
I have the "Fort Thomas -Love it", "Highlands Football" and I am working on basketball and band.  Also I spell out a child's name with photos from their activities and interests.  I love them because each collage is so much more than the pictures. There 's a life and history behind each!

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