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Thursday, August 25, 2011

No More Parking in the Wrong Direction

You knew I would have to make mention of the article in the Recorder entitled "Council Keeps Wrong Way Parking Ordinance" from three weeks ago.  You may remember my post from June on possible revenue enhancement from area authorities which I was widely criticized for publishing.

The second point of my post from June was about ticketing for parking in the wrong direction.  Despite comments on the post from city police that it was just a misunderstanding - City Council reaffirmed the ordinance to prohibit parking in the wrong direction on all city streets and support enforcement.  You have been warned - you may be ticketed.  A quote from the article:

While the issue mainly effected highly travelled streets like Highland Avenue, North Fort Thomas Avenue and South Fort Thomas Avenue, it would be difficult and confusing to allow the parking on less-traveled streets and not busy streets, Steller said.  Steller said the hope is that through public education of the ordinance, residents will comply.

Although I understand why parking in the wrong direction is an issue I am not sure what the impetus behind this was as I am unaware of any recent accidents that has created this safety concern on side streets.  As a reader pointed out in the comments section of that previous post enforcing this on side streets require more traffic on dead-end or cul-de-sac streets as residents have to drive down and turn around.  Funny how our city decides where to spend their time and energies.


  1. I like it. It looks stupid having cars parked every which way. On a practical level, when you're unfamiliar with a street, and you turn on and parked cars are facing you on the wrong way, I immediately panic thinking I somehow turned the wrong way on a one-way street without knowing it. It's just annoying and unnecessary, most cities I've lived in of any size have had ordinances against it.

  2. How does it create more traffic? Someone says residents have to drive down and turn around. What happens when you park the wrong way? Do magical fairies turn your car around after you get around? That is cool.

    'cause, you know, otherwise you'd have to drive down and turn around.

  3. I think what they were suggesting is they could turn around by using a driveway when they leave. I have done this regularly and avoided driving to the end of the street to turn around

  4. This is ridiculous. "it would be difficult and confusing to allow the parking on less-traveled streets"...really? It wouldn't be too confusing to me. We know enough to know that you can park on only one side of the street on the side streets, so why is it so confusing to know those are the streets you can park in either direction? If parking is allowed on both sides of the street, you must park in the direction of the traffic flow. Is that so hard to understand?

  5. If there wasn't a problem, why did they need to fix it?

    "Looks stupid" doesn't cut it. I've done it problem-free for 20 years, and so have my neighbors. This sucks.

  6. Cars shouldn't be parked the wrong way on streets that have parking on both sides and that aren't dead-end streets. I agree. People need to use common sense.

    My street is a cul-de-sac with parking only on one side. It is much easier to park facing down (wrong way) by pulling left into a spot. If we have to start parking facing up (right way), then most people will drive all the way down the street to turn around in the cul-de-sac where the kids play, then back up to park on the right. Interestingly, when people park facing down, to leave they don't come all the way down into the cul-de-sac, they will pull into a driveway and go back up the street.

    On our street, there isn't any worry about pulling into oncoming traffic, because there rarely is any. Except there will be if we have to park same direction as traffic.