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Monday, August 1, 2011

Seen & Heard Around Fort Thomas

A few observations from around town the past couple weeks:

1. Mio's may very well be back on.  Heard rumors that financing was finally completed.  However, the sign is still up and I have still had no confirmation from the prospective owner.

2. Anyone seen the new deck on the back of the Highlands Country Club?  It is a nice added touch that is expansive and looks out over the fairways.  Hosea had formed a partnership with the club to host weddings and I assume this must be fruit from that investment.  I say that because this economy has to be tough on a private club like HCC but it could just be overall updates that have been long overdue from a very dated building.

3. Anyone else disappointed that Graeters hasn't opened yet?  They are really missing out on this amazing hot summer season and they have to be kicking themselves for taking so long.  Despite the long wait, I heard that  they are doing a major upgrade of more than the physical building but also the menu that includes not just baked goods but possibly even deli sandwiches.... so stay tuned

4. Anyone else notice that finally one of the three homes that have been trashed over the past several years near the corner of Highland and Mayfield Avenues is finally getting an owner and some tender loving care?  I think I have litterally watched them fill up 4 major Rumpke trash bins decluttering the home and it appears they are about to put a fresh coat of paint on it - now if we can just get the other homes in good condition as well.

5. Finally, what the heck is going on at Convenient in the middle of town?  New ownership hasn't exactly been kind to this place.  The isles are all chopped up and it looks like a maze in there.  What is wrong with straight organized isles?  While the food options may have shrunk the lottery options have exploded.  I know they are trying to wring profits out of the place but this is not the mix of products that will have me stopping in more often.


  1. What is the story behind these houses?

  2. Graeters - I've wondered why its taking so long to remodel that place. I'm not really much of a Greaters fan myself, but I have noticed that it seems to be taking awfully long to get it back open. I personally love Sweet Tooth in Newport or the Dari Bar in Silver Grove.

    I do not go to the convenient store anymore in the midtown. Its a mess. I can't find what I'm looking for and everything seems dirty and dusty. We used to walk there all the time with the kids for ice cream or icees, but its not the same anymore. Twisty Grill is better for that now.

  3. Convenient is trashy and belongs in Newport. I won't even go there for a gallon of milk - They TRY to sell expired goods all the time. Nasty little place that needs a major overhaul.

  4. Regarding the Convenient store. I agree, what a mess. I refuse to shop there anymore. Higher prices, fewer selections have turned me away.

  5. If you are talking about the convenient store downtown, it's for sale. It was sold a year or two ago by a local guy. The new owner is trying to wring as much profits as he can to pump up the numbers. Not a good deal!

    Fort Thomas Convenience Store
    Fort Thomas, Kentucky
    Asking Price: Gross: Cash Flow:
    $275,000 $992,073 $122,107

    Furniture and Fixtures Value:
    $100,000 (included in the asking price)

    Inventory Value:
    $75,000 ( not included in the asking price)

    Business Summary:
    Fort Thomas Convenience Store. $275,000 plus inventory. 80-85 K per month merchandise sales. Lottery, ATM, Cigaretts and other rebates. Moderate rent. Lots of potential for the right owner operator.

  6. "Convenient is trashy and belongs in Newport..."
    WOW. What a bad reflection you are as a FTM reader. There are many fine places in Newport; such a shame we have such narrow-minded readers and citizens.
    Grow up Anonymous. Really.