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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two for Tuesday News

Two quick notes on some things of interest:

1. Cardinal Hills Rehab Hospital which is housed in St Elizabeth's Fort Thomas location is closing.  The closure means a loss of 92 positions.  Lets hope they replace the space with other specialized health services that can make the hospital relevant for health care in the region.  Recent moves by St Elizabeth continue to scale back services at the facility but sharpen the focus on women's health - lets hope they find a productive use for the un-used space.

2. A Fort Thomas business, Love Letters, that doesn't get a lot of press is featured in Groupon today.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Groupon it is a group coupon site that features local businesses around the Cincinnati area and other metro areas around the country.  They more or less created the group coupon craze and was extremely popular the first year or so in business.  However, they have fallen on hard times that started with a poorly thought-out Super Bowl commercial and followed by an IPO that quickly fizzled.

Despite the setbacks - it can be a boon for a retailer to be the featured merchant on Groupon.  Cake Towne was the other featured retailer from Fort Thomas and here is to hoping that introduces people to a great retail concept located in the Inverness business district.  If you haven't checked them out - buy the Groupon and stop in and check it out.


  1. Not related to the "Two"s items, but rather the poll topic: it may have been covered before, but if so, I missed it. Why is the city determined to handle the homes only "in bulk" through a developer? It would seem more sensible for the city to offer each directly to high bidders (such as present and / or potential residents), with standard lien attachment to each property in favor of the city, released only on certification that the new owner has mitigated all code and environmental issues. I'm confused on why the city wants to be the arbiter for that work.

  2. Dan - I believe the city is taking this approach in order to be eligible for funding to remove asbestos. Multiple private investors would have to pay for this remediation individually and increase the cost of development. However, they may need to reconsider this approach since no single developer has stepped up.