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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Business District Signage Complete (pictures)

I took these first two pictures on a crisp April 20th day. These signs were spawned by the Renaissance Committee, in attempting to display the three distinct business districts (Inverness-North side, Towne Center-Central, and Midway-South side) so that out-of-towners could more easily identify a different business sector of the city.

I wondered in an earlier blog post (I'm too lazy to find it at the moment) why these two flags went up fairly early and the Inverness signage did not.

It came to me today, as I was heading into work. Perhaps there was a shortage of red ink due to our government's inability to balance a budget. Don't forget to tip your bartenders.

Back to the point: unless I'm mistaken, I'm fairy certain they have just gone up in the last few weeks. Would love to hear if there's an explanation for it.

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  1. From Debbie Buckley at the City:

    The Inverness banners just went up because we had to order special holders for them. As you know, when the streetscapes were done in the Towne Center and Midway Districts, banner poles were included. None were ever put in Inverness, so we had to create our own--so to speak. We have a few more banners going up.

    We appreciate our very own Fort Thomas businesses more than you know. Due to their sponsorship, these banners were completely paid for without using tax dollars. Our businesses do so much more than many realize. It's largely because of them that we can do the Merchants & Music event each year. The businesses pay nearly half of that cost. Our FTBA (business association) and other businesses help fund not only M&M, but also the Holiday Walk, the map that is being created for our businesses districts, the Amphitheater concerts, etc. The Holiday Walk will be occurring December 4 and those same businesses will be welcoming the community into their storefronts and giving away lots of great food and drinks.