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Monday, September 26, 2011

Forbes Rates Fort Thomas a Great Suburb to Retire To

While it is usually the schools that make national rankings today the community at large was rated nationally by Forbes Magazine.  The magazine rated the top 25 suburbs to retire to and Fort Thomas made the cut along with communities such as Naperville IL, Fishers IN, and Plano TX.

According to the magazine they looked at the following criteria:

Here’s how our roster came together. First, we set a 25-mile limit for the distance from the suburb to the center of the big city. A longer trip than that struck us as interfering too much with getting to the cultural, sporting and other amenities found in larger cities. Drawing data from such sources as, we scrutinized a variety of other factors. They included cost of living and the tax climate for retirees (generally a function of state law). We evaluated availability of hospitals and higher education (it’s never too late to keep learning). We took into account data for crime rates (almost all the towns listed register less than half the national crime rate) and air quality.Finally, we looked at mass transit options—-especially the proximity of rail–back to the big city.
I would love to hear from some of the senior members of our community - does Fort Thomas meet your needs?  

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