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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fort Thomas Police Using Technology To Help You

We have talked about the Nixle service on FTM before and how the FTPD used it to communicate possible safety concerns prior to a giant cost increase that made it no longer feasible to use.

In the past few weeks, not only has the FTPD found a replacement for Nixle but they have also debuted a service to find missing children:

1. Those people who were signed up for Nixle have been subscribed to the new E-lerts system.  The first message I received through the system was about some recent car break-ins around Woodfill.  But today I received a second message that detailed the other service...

2. The other service that the FTPD has debuted is the use of "A Child Is Missing" to alert citizens and hopefully locate them quickly in the event a child becomes misplaced.  I am copying the text of the email that I received that explains how the services will be used and how everyone will be notified when the child is found:

Yesterday a child went missing near Ruth Moyer Elementary.  The officers on scene utilized a free system called "A Child Is Missing".  This is a free service that utilizes regional telephone databases to make automated phone calls to assist in finding lost children, elderly citizens and handicapped citizens.  "A Child Is Missing" can geographically target a specific radius of an incident and is thus ideal for these such situations.  If you did not get the phone call then you were outside of the initial search parameter.  This system is ONLY for missing children, elderly citizens and handicapped citizens. In the end, the child was found at a friends house very quickly. "A Child Is Missing" is not FTPD E-Lerts.  They are not affiliated and do not interact. The Fort Thomas Police contacted "A Child Is Missing" today and they are ONLY a notification system to get the word out that a child needs to be found.  They do not send out a follow-up when the child is found.  Since this child was located so quickly, we did not move to send it out via E-Lerts.  Our staff has met on this issue and the decision has been made to use E-Lerts to call off such searches, even if E-Lerts did not send out the original notice.  This should help get the word out.  Should a child be missing longer than the one yesterday, then we would utilize E-Lerts as well to notify of the missing child.
Since we are on the topic of safety, I also ran across a recent Fox 19 story about a sexual predator, living in Fort Thomas, that was busted again this week for violating the terms of the Sex Offender Registration rules.

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