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Friday, September 2, 2011

Gigapan Views of the Highlands Game

I really didn't intend to do another Highlands football post but then Chris Stegner posted a link to a gigapan of the football game last night and I couldn't resist.

In case you are not familiar with gigapans it is a new photographic technique that captures the entire crowd at a sporting event or concert that in some cases allow you to tag yourself for social media purposes.  I first saw it used for U2 concerts but now you can check yourself out at the Highlands game last night by visiting our 
Facebook page and clicking the link to the Gigapan of the game against Dixie Heights.

I admit - it is a bit creepy and cool at the same time but I can't stop panning around and finding my friends.  There is also some really funny stuff that happens with gigapans when people are moving around such as the random floating head.  See who you can find as well...

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