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Monday, September 12, 2011

Momentum Growing on Kroger Gas Station?

Obviously it's been a long time coming but it seems as if the Kroger fuel center could be nearing an open. Through the movement of equipment, gas trucks filling the pumps and prodding Kroger employees for information, all signs point to an opening around the end of the month.

Other than our website, probably the best information of all things Newport Pavilion can be found at the Newport Pavilion Fans Facebook page here. They also point to a February groundbreaking for Chic Fil A, as well.

I, for one, cannot wait to have a normal option for fuel. Normal being the operative word, and if you have to fuel up around Fort Thomas you know what I mean. Let me explain for those who don't.

BP: Consistently overpriced. Also, from our Facebook page conversation, (click "Like" for another opportunity to win prizes) not the most customer-friendly management.

Marathon: (Inverness district) Great family business - also the consensus on the facebook page. Overpriced at times and most notably, no credit card swipers at the pumps. Not that big of a deal, but definitely a factor if you're in a hurry.

Shell: Not centrally located. Only convenient for those on the South Side of town.

Speedway: (10th street and Monmouth - both Newport) Oh the sights you'll see at these locations. Bottom line - you get the feeling you are being preyed upon. Latest example: last week a woman was pumping gas at the Monmouth St. location. She was car jacked with her dog, purse and newly bought soccer equipment for her son still in the car. The thief drove a few blocks, picked up three comrades, and tossed the dog out of the car. Luckily, she found the dog three hours later.

Obviously that type of thing doesn't happen every week, but I think more people than not will welcome a Kroger gas option.


  1. The women was at the Speedway on 27 not Newport. Found her dog by Marks garage up the street.

  2. Funny... I've never felt unsafe, there.. and, I've found their employees helpful. (mostly just stop in for the compressed air).

    And, yes... it is in Newport.

  3. Meant not the Monmouth street location, but the 27 location.

  4. Every speedway I've ever been to is extremely crowded including the close locations. Did not know that about car jacking- yikes! Also, their reward points system pretty much stinks and are almost worthless. Look forward to a better option for using those kroger fuel points insead of having to always plan a trip to south Covington kroger fuel station or Hyde park!

  5. US 27 and Monmouth Street... those are one and the same.. The address is 1902 Monmouth Street.

    and, it's in Newport.

    The other Speedway is on 10th Street... also, in Newport..

  6. we dont need people from ft thomas to buy our gas stay in ft thomas

  7. Really?? Way to show your ignorance Newport.

  8. What a rude comment from anonymous #5.

    I didn't hear about the carjacking on the news. Did I miss it?
    The BP has always been overpriced even before the new owners. I haven't been in since the last new owners reopened.
    Marathon in my opinion is overpriced, but I will stop in to grab a chug milk sometimes, if I go that way, to support a local business.
    Shell is one of my favorites, I do live on the South Side of town. They are much cheaper than Southside, gas and all. You can also use your Kroger rewards card for your gas discount. The gas prices are competitive also.
    Speedway...if the sun is up good luck getting a pump. Also, I have had this happen to me and heard from other customers the "rewards" you get from Remke on gas doesn't always reflect the savings the store as told you or is on your receipt, so keep an eys on that if you use Remke/Speedway gas rewards.

    And to quote John Matarese (sic?) from WCPO....."Don't waste your money"

  9. Did you read the paragraph regarding the Speedway gas stations?
    Who can blame Anonymous #5 for his rude comment in response to a rude paragraph?

  10. I've not had any problems at Speedway. And I will support the Kroger gas station, even though it is in Newport.