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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Be an Easy Target

Part of the reason why I love this city was mentioned in one of the comments on Ben Petracco's last post about the fence around the reservoir. Without going back to look at it, it said something along the lines that "it's not the fence or alarms or gates that keep Fort Thomas safe, it's the eyes and ears of the neighbors looking out for one another."

That comment flows seamlessly into the following Facebook post I just came across from Matt Birkley (of FTM advertising fame) :

A WARNING to everyone in the Ft Thomas, Highland heights area. A customer of mine foiled an attempted burglary today in Ft Thomas. She saw a woman in her neighbor's garage and a man sitting in a car in the driveway. When she confronted the woman, she quickly jumped into the waiting car which sped off. Police came within minutes but they got away. Look out for your neighbors. Call the police if you see ANYTHING out of the norm. The word is out that that we are easy targets.
This particular incident was on Canon Ridge, near the old Moore's Hardware, right off 471. We have mentioned it a number of times on this site. The Fort Thomas Police Dept. has issued a number of warnings as well. Even though we continue to get mocked in our comments, but we will say it again: Don't be an easy target. Lock your houses and your doors and let's keep these fools out of our city.

And God Bless nosy neighbors. In this instance.


  1. Can you point out where anyone has mocked you for warning people to be safe and lock their doors? I read all the comments and don't recall this happening.

  2. Here's one example:
    Jen said...

    this post made me laugh, simply because, after years of living in large cities, i would NEVER leave my door open or my car unlocked. that's not something that is even an option in my mind. i find it hilarious that you felt you needed to make your warning known.

    here and the small town in indiana i lived for a couple of years prior to this definitely have the feeling of safety and security. i like feeling that way, but i would never do it. makes things far too easy and locking doors is not that difficult. pretty pathetic that criminals are having such easy access to so many places without even having to break in. use common sense people.
    February 17, 2011 4:56 PM

  3. I didn't receive it yet, but apparently the FTPD has sent out an alert on this.

    The car in question is a black Oldsmobile with a loud muffler. Keep alert Fort Thomas.

  4. Apparently the Ft. Wright Police Dept had caught a group of criminals that were linked to the Fort Thomas robberies.

    Good job, boys. Keep up the vigilance and if you see anything out of the ordinary, call 292-3622.