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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fort Thomas News to Start Your Week

1. The big story of the weekend was not only the big win for the Bluebirds over Elder but also the injury suffered by Pat Towles on the first drive.  Our report on the story even got a shoutout on our favorite website Kentucky Sports Radio - which made both Mark and I's weekend.

The other story from the game was Sheehan's nearly 200 yards receiving.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the monster numbers that Towles puts up week in and week out but lets not forget he has a pretty good wide receiver to throw to and without Patrick throwing the ball we saw he can still put up big numbers.  Despite Austin's status as a 'preferred walk-on' this may end up being the bigger commitment for Kentucky since UK has no one that can actually catch the ball.

2. I enjoyed seeing the Enquirer insult all of NKY in today's Sunday paper.  Notice that the picture at the top of the NKY Living section is of Sharon Woods.  Seriously Cincinnati Enquirer?!  You couldn't find a single cool picture of Northern Kentucky to put at the top of the Northern Kentucky section?

3.A general observation about the opening of the Kroger Fuel Center.  On Saturday morning I stopped in for my first fill up and paid $3.02 / gallon after using 200 fuel points.  As I left and drove up Grand Ave on my way to my son's last soccer game of the season I passed the BP station which advertised a $3.44 / gallon price.  That is a 40 cent swing and an $8 saving on my fill up.

4. Speaking of retail success how about a Fort Thomas business using their local success as a launching pad for expansion?  Look no further than Cake Towne - according to their Facebook page:
Cake Towne is opening another location! Butler, Ky next to Judy's Attitudes on US27. Watch for opening details.... Also, new cake ball flavors! Root Beer and Maple

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  1. Are you really surprised that the CINCINNATI enquirer put a Cincinnati photo on top of the NKY Life page? Haven't you figured out that they couldn't care less about Kentucky? Oh, except for ads ... which they get very few of from NKY anyway.