Monday, October 3, 2011

Mucho News to Start Your Week

1. Fans of group buying sites can take advantage of a deal from another Fort Thomas business today.  Living Social is offering $15 at Sarelli's for $7.  If you haven't tried Sarelli's this is a great way to get introduced.

2. You have until midnight tonight to vote for Patrick Towles in the Channel 5 weekly poll for the Primetime Performer for this past weekend's performance.  They must have had a get out the vote effort in Wyoming because Patrick had a world better numbers but is trailing in the poll.  Not to mention that he probably only played a half of football.

3. Fort Thomas police issued an alert today - avoid leaving your keys in the car.  Apparently someone can steal your car if you leave the keys in them.  The FTPD indicated there have been a rash of stolen cars including several this weekend.  Additional info is as follows:
This warning stems from a previous E-Lert in which we asked everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious subjects wandering the neighborhoods and rummaging through open cars.  It now appears to be a group of unknown subjects that are hitting all over the Northern Kentucky three county area.  At first open cars were being rummaged through with cash and valuables taken, but it has slowly escalated into taking the vehicle if the keys are left in the car.  We have recovered many of the cars after time, but the abuse they received was mild to extensive.

4. Lastly, it appears they are studying the possibility of removing the light near the Fort Thomas Speedway - just past the entrance to Kroger at the Memorial Parkway exit.  They currently have the lights flashing and a stop sign.  I believe I would rather have the light if it means it will be replaced with a stop sign.  What do you think?

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