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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where Did All the Children Go?

Tonight after work my wife and I took advantage of possibly one of the last nice weather days in 2011 and got the kids out of the house for a walk.  I got home late so a walk to Tower Park was out of the question before it got dark so we made a short trip to Highland Park.

I hadn't been to Highland since the spring for a sand volleyball game and boy was a surprised to find the changes.  I knew the city had planned shelter and bathroom changes at Highland to match the work that was completed at Tower and that was in process at Rossford but I didn't realize they took out all the playground equipment at the park.

While the new shelters look great - there is nothing for kids to do there now.  No people = underutilized investments.  On top of the disappointment of seeing no one around I realized that the iced tea and waters I had at lunch had caught up with me and I needed to use the restroom.  As I expected the great looking bathrooms that had to cost well into 6 figures to build was locked.

The only thing at the park that was being utilized was the dog park which had about 20 people and 35 dogs - an amazing usage but what about us non pet owners - what is there to do at Highland Park?  My four year old was most disappointed  that his swings and slides were gone.  These were not old and decaying playground equipment but fairly recent additions.

Even the basketball courts had been removed!  For those living in the Moyer district - what do you think of the changes?


  1. I've thought the same thing - a park without a playground is pretty useless. Maybe they're planning on putting one in? I hope so.

  2. Disappointing! We can only hope that swingsets and other equipment for kids will be added in the Spring. I bet the outcries from the mothers of Ft. Thomas will make it happen if the city isn't smart enough to add kid stuff by then.

  3. It's a shame they didn't use some money to fix up the baseball field back there too. More Ft Thomas kids use that than the playgrounds combined.

  4. I was hoping it was yet to be added. Lets hope so.

  5. One of my kids' classmates asked the Mayor about this (specifically about Riggs Park swings) on a field trip to the city building. She answered that they had to finish the important parts first. While I get that the bigger construction items require a lot of attention, I hope playgrounds aren't an afterthought. Those big swings on the hillside in HH Park were awesome, but somethine tells me they will not be back. :-(

  6. Very dissapointing for those of us in the middle of town not have to the playground equipment. We'd love to have a nice set of play equipment with mulch instead of the sand to play at within walking distance. Its a great little park. Its also where Moyer had all their school picnics. :(

  7. Nearly $3M in debt and no play ground yet. Park = playground. I like the fact that the bathrooms are as out of the way as you can get both at Highland and at Rossford. Nice.

  8. I heard that the playground equipment was on order and going to be installed in the Spring for both Highland and Rossford park.

    For the bathrooms, the city has always closed them from Fall-Spring. I believe they close around Labor Day and get reopened in March/April time frame. I understand why they close them but I wish they opened them a tad earlier and closed them a tad later.