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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Campbell Co. 4th in Kentucky Deer Strikes

The deer issue hasn't been brought up in a while, so my interest was piqued when I saw the above chart put out by the Kentucky State Patrol. In it, it shows that Campbell County ranks fourth among all Kentucky counties in amount of incidents with deer caused vehicle collisions.

The rolling undeveloped hills of the Highlands is in direct correlation with high deer population in Fort Thomas. According to the city's website, between 2003-2006 (which are the only statistics give on deer/vehicle impacts) close to 12 deer are hit in Fort Thomas each year. Most of those are on Memorial Parkway and Route 8/Mary Ingles Highway.

Looking at the deer census within the context of this study, it follows that the deer collisions should begin to subside with the deer hunting ordinances that were imposed.

The deer census showed 205 deer in 2010 and 170 deer in 2011. So it looks like the steps council has taken to control the deer population in Fort Thomas are doing their part in helping to lower the ranking for Campbell County.

Happy Sunday.

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