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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FTM 1st Annual Clark Griswold Decoration Challenge (Guest Post by Ben)

It goes without saying that we live in a beautiful city; a beautiful city that only becomes more incredible around the holidays. Trees are adorned with ornaments and red ribbons. Elegant lights and garland turn Fort Thomas into a literal winter wonderland. It became apparent to me that some people do not have the opportunity to take in all the incredible sights of the city, and to Fort Thomas Matters this is unacceptable.

That's why I am suggesting to the powers that be that Fort Thomas Matters host a contest to find the best, most ornately decorated house through all of the Highlands.

Readers will contribute pictures of holiday d├ęcor whether it be funny, beautiful, unique, over done (you know who you are) and then a winner will be chosen by the FTM braintrust.

With the unseasonably warm weather on Thanksgiving weekend, a lot of decorations will already be up, and no doubt the procrastinators should be working this weekend so the timing is perfect. The decorations can and will no doubt run the gambit: a modern day Clark Griswold where the home can be seen from space, giant lawn ornaments and fully operating trains-almost totally concealing the house, or just sheer beauty and elegance of a white monochromatic scheme.

This contest will give Fort Thomas Matters readers a way to show off their skills in holiday decorating, or for appreciative residents, a way to acknowledge decorating they love the most.

A few ways to submit pictures:
- First at our Facebook page - Like us!
- Second, email me at
- Third to mine, Mark's or Darrin's twitter accounts: @bpetracco @mlorencollier @murriner.

Decorations will all be uploaded to Fort Thomas Matters in a later article. The winning contributor will be awarded with $25 gift certificate to a local Fort Thomas merchant.


  1. Great idea Ben. The Womans Club does this every year and in fact we won an award one year.

    I also think it might be a good idea to post the address of the home or business and then possibly even put a tour list for people to go see. I think it might be great to take out some seniors, veterans from the VA hospital and or little tikes to see these decorated homes.
    Tom Heilman

  2. Great input Mr. Heilman. I agree the address' would be very helpful so that people know where to find these homes. I am hopeful that readers submit pictures and there is some steady contribution from the FTM faithful!