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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Possible Coffee Shop Needs Your Help

Coming on the heels of the exciting news about Mios - I have even more exciting news.  Eden McDermett is considering a coffee shop in the Midway area of Fort Thomas in the Nevada building.  She is reaching out to Fort Thomas Matters to gather input from the community about what would make a great coffee shop and entice you to come and buy coffee or snacks.

I am including a brief intro from Eden about who she is and what she wants to create in the Midway.  She would really love your input by completing the linked form.  Lets not disappoint - we have an opportunity to provide input on something we can all be proud of - go spend 5 minutes and let her know what you think.

Hello, Fort Thomas.  My name is Eden McDermott.  After nearly nine years in the commercial real estate industry and being laid off from my most recent position as Marketing Manager at Neyer Properties, I took the time to seek out where my passions lie and not hesitate to go after them.  I rediscovered my dream of owning a small business & decided a coffee shop is where I wanted to be.   

Eden Perk will be a community-minded coffee shop in the heart of Fort Thomas' historic Midway District located in the Nevada building.  Eden will serve organic, fair-trade, and locally-sourced coffee, tea, and specialty drinks, along with a small selection of baked goods, in an inviting and inspiring environment where guests can share their time with friends, family or a good book.  Eden's drinks are prepared by skilled and creative experts to empower its guests throughout the day. 

Eden Perk’s mission is to increase respect for the craft, art, and science of coffee; lead by example the responsibility to support our neighbors; and offer an environment in which to share a memorable experience. 


  1. A coffee shop in that area of town will be a welcome sight! There are really only two features of a coffee shop that make me want to spend time there versus just pop in to order my drink and leave. 1) Plenty of space with lots of tables and comfortable chairs. It's frustrating to walk into a coffee shop where you want to spend time, only to find that all the seats are taken. 2) Free wi-fi and outlets. If I'm going to spend time at your shop, I'm likely going to have my laptop and need a power source. Above all, make it EASY for people to spend time there and return again and again to consume your delicious coffee and enjoy their time there.

  2. I would suggest making the decor related to Ft Thomas and it's history. Doesn't have to be like Applebee's, but can be done in an understated way.

  3. This Would be a great addition to our community. I agree about free wifi. Is there room for tables outside? Accomodations for dog-walkers would be nice.

  4. My suggestion would be to have fresh baked goods and hire some of our unemployed men and women from our area in order to help our local economy. Thanks!

  5. Why Eden Perk? Seems like it should be Tower Perk.