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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fort Thomas News in Social Media

It has been a while since we gave you an update on what is happening in Fort Thomas on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  What better time than the holidays to check in than the holidays?  This blog isn't the only place people are engaging - our Facebook page has become a very active community of over 300 people and growing daily.  Also, you can check follow Mark, Ben, or my Twitter accounts and get updates as it happens.

1. Some readers posted rumors of Newport's Village Discount Outlet (whom recently closed) possible move into the old Sears store front.

2. Builders Surplus is coming to Newport - finally providing a tenant for the old Winn-Dixie (Thirftway?) building.  This was one of many retweets I send on a regular basis.  You can follow me by searching @murriner

3. Keep up with the latest on Mio's transformation in the old Warner's building by following Mio's Fort Thomas Facebook page.  They post pictures and regular updates.

4. I saw another interesting use for Social Media in the last couple weeks.  I walked into the Guardian Savings Bank location in the center of town and the teller, Amber Marie Perkins was promoting her attempt to become Miss Kentucky with a flyer to her Facebook page.  You can support her bid by clicking the link above.

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