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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fort Thomas News to Start Your Week

As we count down the days to finish our Christmas shopping I thought you could use a few news notes to start your week:

1. Here is something you don't see often - a business in Fort Thomas adding 25 jobs.  Turns out there is a successful payment processing business (Omega Processing) in the office building next to the old Frisch's in South Fort Thomas and they are expanding.  They are going from 16 employees to 40 into 2012.  This is a nice win for the city and it is good to see that office building filling up.  Lets hope they continue to be successful and expand the building where the old Frisch's is to avoid a vacant eye sore for a prolonged period of time.

2. From a good news story to a bad - Fort Thomas appears to be having a rash of people engaging in stupid criminal behavior.  Marc mentioned the crazy guy stealing cigarettes last week and now we hear about 68 year old James Summers who was a student at Gateway College and decided to use a knife to rob the bookstore.  They easily identified him and apprehended him.  Safe to say his academic status is in danger.

3. The Notre Dame Scout page has the first of a two part series on Jac Collinsworth if you are interested.  You do have to be a member to get access to the whole article but if you are a huge Bluebirds fan it could be worth the price.


  1. Just checking to see if you read my posts Mark

  2. Will you please post something about the traveling Smithsonian exhibit which opened last Saturday at the Mess Hall. I don't have the details but this is a wonderful exhibit with lots of local heirloom textiles on display. It's open everyday. Debbie Buckley is in charge I believe. Thanks!