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Saturday, December 31, 2011

FTM - Year-end Review

Wow – how time flies when you are having fun.  Fort Thomas Matters turned 4 last month.  As I began writing this post I realized that I started this blog a month after my oldest son was born – I must have needed an outlet for those 3AM feedings.  Regardless, New Year's is always a time for reflection and we are no different.  I thought we would start with a look back at the past year. 

The top 5 most read stories of the past year included:
1.       Cake Towne in Cake Town – surprising that a story about a High School play ranks #1 for the year.  Perhaps it had something to do with people searching for information about the bakery Cake Towne.
2.       Target Opens with Pictures – some of my favorite moments ever on the site as Mark walked into the store before opening and took pictures and who can forget his conversations with the Kroger management team during the grand opening
4.       Chicken Story – I enjoyed getting bombarded by the residential chicken lobby
5.       Fort Thomas Setting Up Traffic Cameras? – turned out to be a smart light sensor

Other highlights for the site this past year include:
1.       We reached 150,000 page views for the year
2.       Total traffic on the site increased 170%
3.       We added another writer – everyone thank Ben for his thoughtful commentary
4.   We introduced a Facebook page and now have 318 fans that now break the news
5.       We had 218 posts in the past year an increase from the previous year’s 151
6.       We inspired concerned citizens in other cities to start a similar outlet – look at River City News; does the design look familiar?  Mike is doing a great job over there with Covington information, go check him out or add him to your news feed.

With all that said – this is usually a good time to talk about changes.  Even with the addition of Ben, we are still looking for writers - we are always looking for good contributors that have something thoughtful to say that adds to the general public discourse.  If you have a fresh perspective and would like to write for the blog – shoot us an email.

What would you like to see from Fort Thomas Matters as we start to move into the new year?  Use the comments section below to give us some good suggestions.  And again, thanks for reading and leaving us your feedback.

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