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Thursday, December 29, 2011

No Local KMart/Sears to Close... Right Now

No local Kmart or Sears stores will be shut down during the first round of closures from the retailer giant. A list was recently published on Sears' website, which can be viewed here.

The Sears Hardware store in Newport was shut down prior to this announcement. (For conversation of what could be moving into this location, "like" our Facebook page here).

Sears has said that it plans to close between 100-120 stores in all, but so far only 79 have been sent to the chopping block. The closest store to Fort Thomas that has already been closed is in Columbus.

As we said in a post dated January 6th 2010, KMart sucks. The KMart near NCC has been featured on the local news recently, as news spread that many of these stores would be closing. As soon as the Target went in, I think most people thought the closing of this store would be inevitable. Some shoppers, who were stopped and interviewed after leaving the store, said they felt sad or guilty that the Newport KMart might be closed.

I guess they will have a few more opportunities to consume, consume, consume. Has anyone started a "Save the Newport KMart" on Facebook yet?


  1. The Newport Sears closed weeks ago, do your home work.

  2. Thanks Anonymous for the constructive comment. However, you should have done your homework. We reported the Sears closing in August and even mentioned in the previous post that the village is the likely new tennant there. Kmart is a part of the Sears Corporation which is why it is included in the title. Stop hating long enough to read the entire post next time and you will see that it was about Kmart

  3. Third sentence. In. This. Story.


    The Sears Hardware store in Newport was shut down prior to this announcement.

  4. Looks like the Sears Hardware is going to be another workout center. The Village Discount Outlet, which was rumored to be moving there won't be there.

    Still trying to figure out why the sudden close of the Village.

    Have heard:
    immigration issues, owners looking for bigger location, bed bugs.

    Wish they would find another spot.

  5. I am surprised that the Newport K-Mart is not closing. I dread having to go there and the main problem with it is the check -out experience. I cannot get out of that store without a register crashing and needing to reboot, a price check, and any other number of reasons to be trapped in the check-out line. I am amazed that they stay in business

  6. I would bet it will close in the next round of Sears/Kmart closures.