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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

T-Shirt Tiiiiiiime! (Ben Petracco)

One of the T-shirt designs on commemorates the Beverly Hills Supper Club

I have been doing some research lately trying to find websites that are Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati oriented. As I come across the better ones I wanted to pass along my findings to the readers of Fort Thomas Matters so that you may also indulge in my World Wide Web bounty.

My first find is an outstanding site that sells unique t-shirts; the website is and their products are great.

This site is run by two gentlemen, Mr. Josh Sneed and Mr. Darin Overholser. I have been in contact with them regarding their site and they say their goal is to make something special for residents in the area both young and old. One visit to their site and you see they’re covering the age spectrum with shirts referencing things from Shillito’s department store to the “Red Rifle” himself, Andy Dalton.

Their shirts are truly unique and specific to this area. There is a vintage section with the following categories: Amusement Parks, Sports, Bars & Restaurants, Cincinnati Shopping, Early Cincinnati and Brands. There is also a modern Cincinnati section that has t-shirts depicting topics such as the Cincinnati streetcar, Brew Ha-Ha, the Saint Louis Cardinals rivalry; they even have a t-shirt for the recent Cross Town Shootout brawl.

The shirts are funny, nostalgic and creative while also being reasonably priced. The shirts would be a great gift for anyone because the topics are so diverse; ‘tis the season right? was a great website to find and I encourage you stop by their page.

Do you know of a Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati oriented website we should check out and review? Let us know here:

This is Mark hijacking Ben's post. Just in case anyone needed any last minute gift ideas for yours truly, you could do worse than this one:
Or this one:


  1. Cool site, but it was Beverly Hills SUPPER Club, not Country Club. Hope they fix it.

  2. Beverly Hills Country Club....FAIL
    Beverly Hills Supper Club...Correct.

  3. It was in fact called the Country club first. It was sold and then the name changed. This design was taken from a matchbook from the Original Beverly Hills Country Club.