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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fifty Year Old Gift Un-Earthed (Guest Post by Ben Petracco)

Highlands High School has been going through an extensive renovation. The end result will be a brand new high school for students to enjoy for years to come. And finally air conditioning. During these renovations an unexpected gift was un-earthed that would shed light on a life a half century old.

A time capsule was discovered while the south building at the high school was being renovated. I contacted Brian Robinson, the current principal of Highlands High School, to ask about the details of the capsule.

Robinson explained “The time capsule was found as we replaced the cornerstone during our current exterior renovation. It was found sort of by accident. Since it was found in the building that replaced the original we decided to open it on the 50th anniversary of the fire itself.”

The fire, which occurred in 1962, decimated the south building. The building had to be rebuilt and was replaced by the building that now stands on the Highlands campus.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the fire a decision was made to open the capsule with the help of a special guest, former teacher and principal at Highlands High School, Mr. John Deering. Mr. Deering was on staff at the time of the fire, and provided unique insight for the students who interviewed him.

The capsule was opened on Friday January 6th in the theatre room at Highlands. The contents of the capsule included: pictures of students like Stephanie Meade Graves, a picture of the PTA, and other school related items from 1962.

Considering the capsule and its contents, the 50th anniversary of the school’s fire, and the backdrop of a freshly renovated high school; it puts it all in perspective. Highlands went through the fire, and emerged on the other side; emerging with pictures and keepsakes from a buried box to remind us of our treasured past, current accomplishments, and bright future.

If you would like to see the video of the time capsule being opened along with the interview of Mr. John Deering it is currently playing on public access channel 20.

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