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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fort Thomas - Mid-week News Update

1. The retail shake-up in continues in Newport as Payless has left the Newport Shopping Center and reported to be replaced by Ace Hardware.  Rumor is Payless wanted to stay but they are asking for higher rents.  The concept of raising rates at an aging retail center that is no longer the center of retail commerce for the area brings up an important question - can the Newport Pavilion raise the level of overall retail and rates for the entire area or does it cannibalize retail from surrounding areas?

This isn't even the tip of the iceberg in terms of movement in area retail and expect even more change to come as more places open in the Pavilion.

2. Highlands football had a few big updates this week as well

  • 2012 football schedule was released this week.  Any thoughts about the matchups?  The Trinity exhibition here could be a chance to see more D1 talent assembled on one team than you will ever see again.  Elder at home is the only real high profile game and they have been down the last couple years - not sure it packs the kind of punch necessary to make much of a splash nationally.
  • Patrick Towles is expected to be named a parade All-American on Sunday.  Another huge honor for our hometown and future UK quarterback.
  • Sheehan & Bruns are taking official visits at EKU

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