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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fort Thomas Weekend News Update

1. The Fort Thomas Police Department late in the week issued an alert on catalytic converter thefts in Fort Thomas.  The e-alert mentions three recent thefts but doesn't indicate the part of town the thefts occurred in.  Be on the lookout for anyone working under a car in your area that seems suspicious. - UPDATE - I should have read Mark's post below.  Must have been Gettysburg Square

2. Now that the state's General Assembly is back in session there is a lot of news coming out of Frankfort that could impact Fort Thomas.  One of the biggest issues is the redistricting plan submitted this week and voted according to party lines.

An aspect of the plan that will help Northern Kentucky is more representation for the Boone, Kenton, & Campbell counties which means more political clout in Frankfort.

The other, and arguably more important to Fort Thomas, issue is the move of some Fort Thomas residents into Dennis Keene's district 67.  While I haven't seen the actual streets that will be moving from 68 to 67, suffice it to say that if you live near or overlooking the river you will probably be in the new district.

3. I noticed this week that Red Ear Brewing, which started at Vito's here in Fort Thomas was involved in a collaboration brew with Rivertown, Mt Carmel, & Morlein.  That is pretty good company to keep and while they have moved into space in Covington we still wish them the best since they are rooted in Fort Thomas.  I have included a picture of the beer on our Facebook page which they are apparently reading for the Cincy Beer Fest in early February.

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