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Monday, January 30, 2012

Police Presence at Kroger Marketplace/Target

It has happened to me a handful of times. I'm walking out of Kroger, maple turkey and Cheerios in tow, and I see someone waiting near the entrance, head down, hands in cuffs.

I guess its not necessarily surprising. Shrinkage in any retail situation is bound to happen. What struck me was, unless it was an uncanny coincidence, I have happened upon this scene about 5 different times.

I talked to a manager at Kroger's to cure my curiosity about how often this happens, what type of crime is occurring and if the police presence was having an impact.

According to the manager, there was an explosion of shoplifting when the store first opened. In her words, "they were catching people 4 to 5 times a week." Since then, Kroger has worked with Newport Police, who know have a car parked on the lot much of the time.
Kroger has also hired private security for every weekend and at night. Even with the security the company has hired, according to the manager "there still seems to be about one arrest a week."

The most interesting nugget from our conversation came when the manager told me the biggest issue, other than the shoplifting, was that the back parking lot was being used as a rendezvous point during drug deals. "Because of the proximity to the highway and the state line, the police told us our store was a convenient location. The police know the situation and seem to have it under control at this point."

Let's hope so. Has anyone else seen or heard anything like this?


  1. This past Sunday a young girl came up to me with a gas can asking for money because she ran out of gas. When I declined to give her money, she jumped in a waiting car and took off. This is the second time something like this has happened to me in the parking lot. I have suspected drug activity because people pull up, never go in the store. Another car pulls up, then they both leave. It doesn't take the FBI to figure out. There definitely needs to be a police presence at all times - and more than just a parked car. Maybe Kroger should consider private security?

  2. A similar situation happened to me, but at the doctor's office on Alexandria Pike. A man asked for money to get gas for his car, which was out of gas on a nearby road. Personally, I feel like "there but for the grace of god go I" and gave him money, as I would hope someone would do the same for me, should I ever be in a similar situation. The man then jumped into a car driven by someone else and left.
    I have also seen numerous cars with kids making what seems to be quick transations/exchanges at the library in Fort Thomas. Seen similar thing happening at the old Drug Emporium lot. I think it's rampant - not just at the Pavilion.

  3. Just had a friend post this on FB today (Super Bowl Sunday):

    Was anyone just at Kroger? Did you see the Police Officer draw his gun, pull a guy out of his car, throw him down on the ground and cuff him? What happened after. . . ?!?