Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's Happening in Fort Thomas (Guest Post by Beth Nyman)

Hi everyone - my name is Beth Nyman and I've lived in Fort Thomas for 11 years. I've been reading Fort Thomas Matters for about six months, and I'm delighted to have found a blog that specifically addresses Fort Thomas issues and keeps me in the loop with community news and events. 

I have 2 children, one at Johnson and another at Highlands. Over the years I have missed, forgotten, or never heard of many, many Fort Thomas events, both child-centric and not. I've seen photos in the local paper of fun events that had happened 2 months earlier (I'd never heard of them).

I've suffered the horrifying realization that I'd missed Touch-a-Truck for the second year in a row (nothing is more demoralizing for the mother of a truck-obsessed son to have to admit to that son that she missed Touch-a-Truck. Again.) 

I've often wished there was a one-stop calendar for all things Fort Thomas, a place where event information has been consolidated and where I could check in periodically and keep track of upcoming local events.  When Darrin Murriner posted a request for "a female voice", I decided that it was a sign, and I volunteered to create and maintain that calendar. 

This Fort Thomas event calendar appears here on FTM at the bottom of the webpage or by clicking the ‘Calendar’ link at the top of every page.  I will update it every Thursday by noon.  You can also see the events coming up in the coming week on the right-hand side of the page – just below the ‘Recent Comments’ section.

It will include any news and information I can dig up, and of course, I enthusiastically invite all suggestions from readers. If you have an event coming up or wish to have something entered on the calendar, please email me at Through the magic of the internet I hope you'll help me fill in the squares for 2012.  Happy New Year and see you at Touch-a-Truck!

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