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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Which Store Would you 'Cash Mob'?

Here is a great story out of Cleveland of how a community came together to support a small local retail store that had been open for 72 years but had struggled recently with a tough economy and large big box competition.  Sound familiar?  Watch the video (and / or read the article link above) and comment below with your pick of a Fort Thomas store to get ‘Cash-mobbed’

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  1. would love to see this happen for the Blue Marble. both local and pushing books for kids. deserves all the business it can get!

  2. I agree with you, Pat. Blue Marble would definitely deserve a Cash Mob. Such a great store!

  3. Totally agree about the Blue Marble. I shop there whenever I need to children's books. Such a lovely store!

  4. Love the Blue Marble. It is such a gem for our community. I have such found memories of going there as a child and am so glad to have kids now and go back more regularly.