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Monday, February 13, 2012

Blighted Properties in Fort Thomas: Roll Call

In light of last week's $25 billion nationwide mortgage foreclosure settlement, that could send millions to the region to help tear down blighted, vacant properties across local neighborhoods hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis - I wondered what steps our city is taking to remedy the problem in Fort Thomas.

Fort Thomas has not been immune to the mortgage crisis. Off hand I know of a few abandoned properties just in my subdivision on the north end of town. On Monday in Cincinnati, Ohio's Attorney General, Mike Dewine laid out a $75 million plan ridding communities of decaying, abandoned properties that bring down neighborhood home values and fuel crime.

In an article in Monday's Enquirer, Dewine said:

“If we look at the victims of the mortgage crisis, some that have not been talked about much are the people who played by the rules and paid their mortgage on time,” Dewine said. “Yet in their neighborhoods are these abandoned properties that are depressing the value of their homes....In essence by tearing these properties down, we’re building up these neighborhoods.”

Now obviously, Fort Thomas does not have near the problem that Price Hill has, where Dewine held his press conference, but I would like our city officials to look into getting a chunk of this $25 billion handed out by the federal government. Within the next 30 days, Cincinnati will begin crafting a plan to apply for these funds.

If our city can get even a sliver of this mortgage foreclosure settlement, Fort Thomas will be better off. There are houses in our city that simply do not need to exist anymore. I'll be posting some pictures of a few examples of these houses on our Facebook page here. Feel free to email me a picture or address of an abandoned house near you. Maybe if we get enough our council will listen.

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