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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fort Thomas Mid-week News Update

(how much do I love this picture? Austin even has an FTM sponsor jersey on)

1. An ESPN Patrick Towles article as a part of a larger commentary on recruiting High School football players.  Anytime you can read about Patrick Towles and Wisconsin star Monte Ball in the same article makes you proud to be a Bluebirds fan

2. Keeping with the Highlands football theme - Austin Sheehan has gotten some interest from Ohio State recently.  With signing down literally around the corner I am getting concerned that we will not be keeping the pass catching duo together at UK.  

3. You have a few short weeks to go vote for Fort Thomas area businesses and landmarks in City Beat's Best of Cincinnati survey.  Among the Fort Thomas places included in the poll - 915, Tower Park, and Bowman Framing.  You have until February 19th to make your vote count.

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