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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fort Thomas News Mid-week Update

1. Reser's bike shop is hosting a NKY Bike survey. The survey is presented by Queen City Bike and the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission - if you are a cyclist in the area go complete the survey as it can help shape future amenities.

2. The Highlands Band is holding a Texas Hold Em tournament on February 25th at the VFW hall in Southgate. They need a successful fundraiser to cover basic expenses and could really use the help of all of you future Phil Ivey's.

3. AJ Jolly just received funds for a new paved trail. This is the second year in a row they won funds for expanded trails. While I am excited that the park has won funds since the trail is in the county and area but I think it would be even better if Fort Thomas recreation submitted for these funds for Tower or other surrounding parks.

4. We have commended the Fort Thomas Police Department before for utilizing new technologies for communicating with citizens. They continue to find new ways - a point underscored by a recent Facebook friend request I received from them. That is right - they are making a push to get residents to friend them on Facebook so that they have yet another way to reach citizens - go friend them now - Fort Thomas PD, Not Fort Thomas Police.

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