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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fort Thomas News - Midweek Update

1. Today was the grand opening of the New Garden - see previous post that includes the menu.  This continues the renaissance of the Midway district and is a nice addition to the dining options the exist in the middle of town.  Over the past couple of years we have a new streetscape, a Farmers Market, a renewed Nevada Building, and now additional dining options.  Now if we can just get the public housing out of the Midway and converted into retail that would be a nearly complete transformation.  Anyone visit the New Garden today? We would love to hear your thoughts....

2.  With new beginnings come endings as well.  Cake Towne has closed their Fort Thomas location.  It is a sad, and rather abrupt end to a promising business in the Inverness District.  Cake Towne had brought a fair amount of positive attention to the Fort Thomas retail scene through participation in Groupon and other avenues and filled a need for a bakery in the area.  Personally, I enjoyed being able to pick up cake balls for events or a cake for occasional birthdays but this apparently wasn't enough to keep the business open.  In a response from Cake Towne via Facebook they had the following to say:
It was a bad location. We were too far off the beaten path. We kept our Butler location though
3. Apparently there was a vacancy on the Fort Thomas School Board and apparently the state Department of Education had the authority to appoint someone to the open position.  The DOE appointed Lisa Duckworth who seems to have strong qualifications for the job.  According to the linked article:
Previously, she served on the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) boards at Moyer Elementary and Highlands High; served as PTO President at Moyer Elementary; served as a member (nine years total) of the Site-Based, Decision-Making (SBDM) councils at Moyer Elementary, Highlands Middle and Highlands High; and has also served on the Fort Thomas Local Planning Committee (LPC). Most recently, she has worked coordinating the annual community teacher appreciation breakfast.

4.  And in a cool Fort Thomas resident making it big note - Fort Thomas resident Connie Hall has had a third book published and now available on  The book titled "Bible Bugs... Play Ball" can be found at the following link.


  1. Apparently? What, you don't read the newspaper? LOL

    Lisa Duckworth will be a great addition to the school board. She is intelligent and has a passion for public service to Fort Thomas schools.

  2. "3. Apparently there was a vacancy on the Fort Thomas School Board..."

    Come on man. The position is open due to the untimely death of a life-long Ft. Thomas resident who was still in the process of raising three daughters, and that's the best you can do? I know this is not a full-time deal for you guys, but for a site dedicated to this town, that's bad.

    As far as Cake Towne, is anyone surprised? Bottom line is this town will never support a retail business that doesn't offer either huge convenience or serious price competitiveness. Not enough Ft. Thomas residents are willing to pay a premium for things like cake balls that can be replaced with pre-made brownies from Remke or Kroger. I hate to be pessimistic, but the planed coffee shop in the Midway will almost assuredly face the same eventual fate.

  3. So sad to hear about Cake Towne. I often stopped in for cake balls. They seemed to do a good business.

    Congrats to Lisa Duckworth. I think she'll do a fine job.

  4. They got a lot of customers from out of town, but according to the owners, not enough traffic from Fort Thomas residents.

    Can't remember if they advertised in Living or Inside FT, but I know they spent money is things like the Dollar Saver and/or Community Shopper.

    I went in there multiple times to try to collaborate with them to figure out how to get Ft. Thomas residents in there.

    Wish they would have let us help. I can't think of a bigger Ft. Thomas cheerleader at a better price than Fort Thomas Matters.

    I may be bias though.

  5. We hit up New Garden for dinner tonight. We were glad that we got there early because it filled up rather quickly. The food was good, but the service was slow (only 3 people working the whole place.) I plan on going back in a few weeks and hopefully the kinks the will be worked out.

  6. We ordered carry out from New Garden, and the place was packed! The food was reasonably priced and tasted great. Great addition to Midway, seemed really kid friendly as well.
    Ditto on the public housing, shady apartments=shady people. Sorry it's true. Fix the places up and charge more for rent, heck develop them in to condos and sell them off for 60K a piece. Get some twenty somethings to buy and live there, Midway is already an entertainment district bars etc...

  7. The Midway rentals probably get more money from section 8 housing or something like that I bet.

  8. Way to go Enquirer for featuring this on the front page of 3 weeks after it happened: